When aggregation is enabled in your account, Zūm Rails can pull a user’s financial data. This applies for use-cases such as account verification (Know Your Customer - KYC) and risk assessment (Based on past transaction history).

To pull a user’s financial data, the user will have to login using Zūm Connect. If a user was registered with Zūm Rails through a method outside of Zūm Connect, his financial data cannot be extracted.

Zūm will then dispatch the connection to the financial data aggregator.

> Response example:
"statusCode": 200,
"message": "GET Request successful.",
"isError": false,
"result": {
"Id": "2babb324-3a80-4a35-a1cc-b3795d294d18",
"HolderName": "John Smith",
"HolderCivicAddress": "1234 Street 01",
"HolderCity": "Toronto",
"HolderProvince": "ON",
"HolderPostalCode": "A0A 1A1",
"HolderCountry": "CA",
"HolderEmail": "",
"HolderPhoneNumber": "(123) 123-1234",
"Institution": "Bank Name",
"Accounts": [
"Id": "4e399a3d-7562-4008-b074-16991f14cc72",
"ProviderAccountId": "729e24f0-6458-40f2-4afa-08d7a8df7f42",
"Transactions": [
"Id": "02464c54-9ce4-4912-a426-a8c440b9a996",
"ProviderTransactiontId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"Date": "2020-05-09T00:00:00",
"Description": "TrxChe@Cr15.91",
"Debit": null,
"Credit": 15.91,
"Balance": 50007.99
"Id": "047c6bab-50fe-4420-a46f-beeb32408a06",
"ProviderTransactiontId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"Date": "2020-03-09T00:00:00",
"Description": "TrxChe@De15.30",
"Debit": 15.3,
"Credit": null,
"Balance": 49992.35
"TransitNumber": "12345",
"InstitutionNumber": "123",
"AccountNumber": "1234567",
"Title": "Chequing Account",
"Balance": 123.45,
"Category": "Operations",
"Type": "Chequing",
"Currency": "CAD",
"IsEftEligible": true
"LastRefresh": "2020-05-13T14:23:52.323512",

Method: GET

Endpoint: {{env}}/api/user/getbankaccountinformation/{user_id}

When a user logs in through the Zūm Connect iframe, his information can be accessed by calling the user/getBankaccountinformation endpoint.


This endpoint will only work for users who have successfully connected through the financial aggregator integrated with Zūm Rails.


IdguidZūm aggregation card id
HolderNamestringAccount holder name
HolderCivicAddressstringAccount holder civic address
HolderCitystringAccount holder address city
HolderProvincestringAccount holder address province
HolderPostalCodestringAccount holder address postal code
HolderCountrystringAccount holder address country
HolderEmailstringAccount holder e-mail
FirstNamestringAccount holder first name
HolderPhoneNumberstringAccount holder phone number
InstitutionstringInstitution name
LastRefreshdatetimeLast time the card information was refreshed
ProviderCardIdguidThe provider card id
IdguidZūm account id
ProviderAccountIdguidProvider account id
TransitNumberstringTransit number
AccountNumberstringAccount number
TitlestringAccount title
BalancedecimalAccount balance
CategorystringAccount category
TypestringAccount type
CurrencystringAccount currency
IsEftEligiblebooleanIndicates if account is EFT eligible
IdguidZūm transaction id
ProviderTransactionIdguidProvider transaction id
DatedatetimeTransaction date
DescriptionstringTransaction description
DebitstringTransaction debit
CreditstringTransaction credit