Brand Customization

The user interface and experience can be fully customized to appear native to your brand. Any user interacting through Zūm Rails will see your logos, colors, and brand identity.

Zūm portal allows you to customize and preview email invoices, hosted/checkout pages, invoice PDFs, hosted payment profiles and more through your Brand Customization settings.To make changes, go to Settings > Brand Customization and click 'Save Settings' after you've completed your changes. You can also reset to the default settings by clicking on the small icon next to each customization option explained below.

Customization options:

Logo options A logo representing your brand to override the default icon. Logos must be in JPG, JPEG or PNG format, less than 2Mb in size. Recommended dimensions are: 90px by 90px.

Color options Brand color: Your organization’s main brand color which will be reflected on buttons, used on email invoices, hosted checkout, and the hosted payment profile creation. Default color is #28c76f. Accent color: Your organization’s accent color will be applied for links, active elements, and important text. Default color is #28c76f. Background color: It represents the color of the background behind the frames. Default color is #f2f3f4. Foreground color: It represents the color of the frames. Default color is #ffffff.

Footer options Phone number: You can add a phone number where the user can reach your organization’s customer service team. By default, this field will have no information. Email address: You can add the email address where the user can reach your organization’s customer service team. By default, it will have the same email address as your Zūm Portal settings > Account details.

Aggregation URL You can customize the look and feel of the Aggregation screens and paste the URL here. The URL customizations will be visible to your users. To customize the URL navigate [here] (../data-aggregation/configure).

Apply brand settings Brand customization settings apply to your whole account and take effect in many places as explained below.

SettingEmail InvoicesHosted CheckoutInvoice PDFUser Profile Creation
Brand ColorYesYesNoYes
Accent ColorYesYesNoNo
Background ColorNoYesNoYes
Foreground ColorYesYesNoYes
Phone NumberYesNoNoNo
Email AddressYesNoNoNo