List all wallets#

All the information from the Zūm Wallets can be pulled with one API call. The information includes the wallet type, the wallet ID and the balance.

Method: GET

Endpoint: {{env}}/api/wallet


Use this endpoint to know the Wallet ID in order to create AccountsPayable or AccountsReceivable transactions from/to Zūm Wallet.

"statusCode": 200,
"message": "GET Request successful.",
"isError": false,
"result": [
"Id": "30126b59-...-008376504211",
"Type": "AccountsPayable",
"Balance": 50000.88
"Id": "30126b59-...-008376504210",
"Type": "Unified",
"Balance": 1000.5


IdguidWallet id
TypestringWallet type
BalancedecimalCurrent balance in the wallet

Filter wallet transactions#

Use this endpoint to list the transactions from a specific wallet. The response includes all debits and credits from the wallet.

Method: POST

Endpoint: {{env}}/api/wallet/transactions/filter

"WalletId": "30126b59-...-008376504210",
"Pagination": {
"PageNumber": 1

This endpoint is also available in {{env}}/api/wallet/transactions, but it may be removed eventually.

Request parameters

WalletIdguidyesWallet id
TransactionMethodstringnoTransaction method
ZumRailsTypestringnoTransaction Type
GenericSearchstringnoFilter wallets by description
CreatedAtFromdatetimenoStart date (This field is only used when the operator is between)
CreatedAtTodatetimenoEnd date (This field is only used when the operator is between)
CreatedAtdatetimenoCreate date
CreatedAtOperatorstringnoOperator to filter with CreatedAt properties
PageNumbernumbernoThe respective page, starting at 1


CurrentPagenumberThe current page
PageSizenumberThe amount of rows returned in the current page
TotalCountnumberThe total rows the filter returns
ItemsList of wallet transactions
IdguidTransaction id
CreatedAtdatetimeWhen the transaction was created
DescriptionstringTransaction description
DebitdecimalDebit amount
CreditdecimalCredit amount
BalancedecimalBalance at that moment
TypestringCredit or Debit
AuthorizedboolIf the transaction is completed and authorized