Ways to Integrate

There are various ways to integrate with Zūm Rails:

Full API Integration: You can start using our API endpoints (see documentation here) to add users, create transactions, etc. With the API integration you have full control over the UI that your end user will see and you can develop it based on your business use cases. This is one of the most secure ways of integrating to Zūm Rails. Read more about the authorize endpoint here.

Portal: You can use the portal to add users, create transactions, etc. You can view our knowledgebase and FAQs to learn more about how to start moving money using the portal. If you prefer to use the portal, you will not have to do any API integration and you can start right away.

Hybrid (recommended): We recommend using a mix of both APIs and the portal as it is more robust and secure to use the APIs and you can view the details of your transactions, keep track of the money being moved, download reports and do much more by leveraging the functionalities available in the Zūm portal.