Connector UI

The connector URL is a URL you can host on your website or send by email. No specific integration is required to let your clients link their cards. This connector UI is used if your use case is just aggregation. If you want to use aggregation with payments, this is a different flow, and you need to use the Url from the portal under Integration Codes >> Add Payment Profile.

An example URL looks like this:


We recommend you use the Configure page to build your URL.

Event listener#

Every interaction with the UI triggers a javascript event listener that your host page can listen to. Each message has a step, as described below.

window.addEventListener("message", function (e) {

Steps that can be listened:

CONNECTORLOADEDWhen the Connector is loaded
CONNECTORCLOSEDWhen the Connector is closed
CONSENTACCEPTEDWhen the consent was accepted
INSTITUTIONSELECTEDWhen an institution is selected
AUTHENTICATEINITIATEDWhen we start authenticating the connection
ACCOUNTSELECTORFOOTERCLICKEDWhen the link on the instution selection footer is clicked
SECURITYQUESTIONPROMPTEDWhen a security question is prompted
SECURITYQUESTIONANSWERINITIATEDWhen the security question is answered, and we resume the authentication
AUTHENTICATECOMPLETEDWhen authentication is completed
GETINFORMATIONINITIATEDWhen the get card information process starts
GETINFORMATIONCOMPLETEDWhen the get card information process completes
CONNECTIONSUCCESSFULLYCOMPLETEDWhen the process is completed. The property data will contain up to 5 fields that can be used to link the user from your system with the aggregation. Example: { requestid: 'asdf...asdf', cardid: 'asdf...asdf', extrafield1: '', extrafield2: '', userid: 'asdf...asdf' }
GENERICERRORWhen an unexpected error occurs