Access the data

After a card is linked using the Connect UI or Connect SDK, the data can be available to you in different ways, as listed below:

Access the data in Zūm Rails portal#

For every new connection made for a specific card, a new user will automatically be created in the Zūm Rails portal. You can search it under the User page by the user name or email. In this option, zero integration is required, but it's a bit difficult to match the user since the name on the bank account might be different than the name you have in your file.

Access the data via API#

After a successful connection via Connector UI or Connector SDK, the first step is to get the RequestId (Unique identifier for the request).

If you are using the Connector UI, you can get the RequestId with event listener. If you are using the Connector SDK you can get the RequestID in the callback.

After you have the RequestId, the next step is to call the API to get the aggregation data. You can find the details of calling the API here.

Access the data via webhooks#

You can receive the information as well by webhook, to do that you have to open Zūm Rails portal, navigate to settings > webhook & api settings, then enable the aggregation events.

Once a new connection is made, a webhook will be fired to the specified url. More information on how to secure webhook, can be found here: