Welcome to Zūm Rails Aggregation Documentation!

This documentation provides a high-level view of the process and the steps to use the aggregation services successfully.

Ways to integrate#

There are two main different ways of using Zūm Rails Aggregation service:

  1. Full API Integration
  2. Connector UI

Full API Integration#

This integration method allows your own application to take full control of the experience. It's recommended only for partners. In order to have access to it, please drop us a message at or use the chat inside our portal. We will review case by case to enable this option.

Connector UI#

Connector UI is the recommended way of integrating with Zum Rails Aggregation for most of our clients. For this integration method, we provide you with a complete component for you to embed inside your existing application.

There are two different ways to use Connector UI, simply getting a public URL (The Connector UI), or using a javascript library (The Connector SDK) to initiate it.

  • The Connector SDK, gives you more security and flexibility to take actions based on javascript callbacks.

  • The Connector UI it's the easiest way to use. It's a unique URL you can host as an iframe, send by e-mail or sms.

The first step to building your aggregation integration is to configure your experience.


If you are using other products from Zūm Rails, like Connect for Payments or Invoice and Subscription, the Zūm Rails UI will automatically use Zūm Rails Data Aggregation. This session is only useful if you are using only Zūm Rails Data Aggregation services