Required configuration#

To use Zūm Rails Aggregation, you must have a valid CustomerId, provided within your onboarding. If not, you can quickly grab it from Zūm Portal.

A customer Id for testing in sandbox looks like this: 94505e9d-342f-4a57-9365-778dbdd7be34

Basic configuration#

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueRequired
customeridYour CustomerId-yes

The base URL for Connector is:


Configure the user experience#

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueRequired
consentWhen true, display the consent page. This page explains to the end user what information will be extracted and requires the end user to agree with the terms & conditionstruefalse
accountselectorDisplay a page to select the preferred account, usually used for EFT payment initiation.truefalse
testinstitutionDisplay Zūm Rails test institution, used while you are testingfalsefalse
adduserinportalAdd connected users in Zūm Rails Portaltruefalse
clientuseridTo be used when adduserinportal is true, this parameter enables you to inform your internal id for this userundefinedfalse

Configure the user interface#

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueRequired
backbuttonDisplay the back button on the top left-hand cornerfalsefalse
closebuttonDisplay the close button on the right-hand top cornerfalsefalse
logoDisplay the logo on the top of the screentruefalse
buttonbgcolorThe navigation buttons background color#000000false
buttontextcolorThe navigation buttons text color#FFFFFFfalse
logourlYour logo url to be used on the UI. If not informed, Zūm Rails logo is the default one-false
tecurlYour terms & conditions URL (consent page). When clicked, a new tab will be opened-false
institutionsearchDisplay the Institution Search boxtruefalse
finishredirecturlAn URL to redirect the page after the connection is completed (URL must include https://)-false
languageChange the connect language. There are two available options: en (english) and fr (french). If not set, the language will be chosen according to the browser language. English is applied if the given language is not available-false
accountselectorfooterDisplay a extra text with customizable link action that trigger a callback. To define link area use html tag for anchor <a> with no additional attributes. You should handle the redirect on the callbacks for events listeners-false

Configure the data to extract#

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueRequired
gettransactionsIf you want to extract transactionstruefalse
getstatementsIf you want to extract pdf statementsfalsefalse
getholderinformationIf you want to extract the account holder's name and addresstruefalse
datefromBy default we extract information for the last 12 months. Use this field if you want to specify another range. Format (yyyy-MM-dd)-false

Extra configuration#

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueRequired
extrafield1And extra field so that you can add custom information, later receive it when the connection is completed-false
extrafield2And extra field so that you can add custom information, later receive it when the connection is completed-false

Any parameters that are not true/false, like URLs or texts, must be encoded.


We recommend you use the Configure page to build your URL. No advanced technical knowledge is required.