Aggregation Reconnect will help you to refresh your users bank accounts in a secure and intuitive way. You can use this to refresh the banking information of your users that were connected using aggregation.

You just need to inform the CardId that you want to reconnect using the Zūm SDK/URL and it will trigger the reconnect flow.


To reconnect a card, the username linked to the CardId has to be the same. In case the username has changed, the card cannot be reconnected.

Here is how Reconnect will work:

  1. User has successfully connected a bank account using Zūm Aggregation.
  2. Zūm returns a CardID for the user’s bank account that was connected.
  3. Trigger the Reconnect URL/SDK flow specifying the cardID.
  4. Zūm will retrieve the username and the bank account associated with the CardID
  5. User reconnects successfully and callbacks are returned. Once reconnected, you can access the data collected for that particular bank account via the Zūm API.

Ways to integrate#

There is one way of using Zūm Rails Aggregation Reconnect:

  1. Connector SDK

To use the reconnect feature you will take advantage of our secure Javascript SDK. This will be mandatory because of it's added security when updating existing users through aggregation.

Connector SDK#

In order to reconnect a user’s card using the Connector SDK use the same payload specified here to generate the token and build the configuration. You need to specify the option cardidforreconnect with the value of the CardId that need to be reconnected. Check the example bellow

options: {
cardidforreconnect: "<CardId value>"

To activate this feature for your account, please reach out to us at or using the chat function in the portal.


Only users added after this feature is activated will be able to reconnect their bank accounts.