Welcome to Zūm Rails Insights Documentation.

Our team has developed an amazing product that helps you gain valuable insight into your customers’ habits.

From spending to savings, we can breakdown consumer profiles through each transaction, allowing your company to make decisions based on financial data.

Insights are organized into three groups: Income, Expenses, and Insights. You can view the detailed explanation for each attribute on the following pages.

There are two ways you can use Insights:

  1. Zūm Rails Portal
  2. Zūm Rails API

Zūm Rails Portal#

Through the Zūm Rails Portal, you can visualize each attribute over time, apply different filters and inspect the data used to calculate each attribute.

Zūm Rails API#

The Insights API will return a JSON, allowing your application to make instant programmatic decisions based on multiple attributes. To view the detailed API specification for Insights, click here.